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Is Your Website Outdated?

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I can think about some things that are always annoying: Wait for a person that always arrives late to meetings; that my computer comes up to an error before saving the job I've been working on for a long period of time; spam emails.

Even though, there's one very worse than those mentioned and it's an outdated website. Let's say I get a flyer of a company with a product or service that I interest. The first thing I do is write down the website and throw out the flyer (why put away more papers?), when I go to the site to know more about the company, just there start the problems.
In many occasions I found out that the website is down or doesn't exist anymore (so why put the address on a flyer?), it is in construction, or simply have the products and services that don't exist anymore.

Even worse, since I don't find the information I want/need, I go to the contact us page to find the phone number/s to talk to someone and get more information, just to find out that the phone/s aren't listed or the ones there were changed, there's no address of the company, and when I send an email there's no response. What comes to my mind? I want to buy something from this company and they don't want to sell to me.

comsoo If you have a website, these are some points that you should always have in mind if you want to get benefits from the Internet, instead of only represent an expense:

1. Revise your website at least every 6 months. Be sure that all your products and services are updated.

2. Verify that your data of contact is correct, including your address and telephone/s.

3. If you have a contact form, verify that is working properly and that your email is receiving it without errors. Also check your email frecuently and respond to those emails you get.

4. Check that all your pages are active and all the links work. It's very annoying to get "page cannot be displayed" while browsing a website.

5. Make simple design changes once in a while. Ask your web designer to change the pictures, include new information or articles, what about some color changes? Remember that you should give your customers something new each time they visit you.

6. Last but not least, if your website has been "In Construction" for the last year, start immediately to search for a web designer to work on it. Remember this is a main element in the promotion and development of your business nowadays.
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