The Group

The Group

We are freelancers. Programmers, coders, designers and online marketing professionals, that not only KNOW what we are doing, but also our primary interest is the success of our customers. We believe that if our customers are successful, they will continue in business, and if we are helping them to accomplish their goals, we're somehow part of their success. At the end, they will continue being our customers.

Here's a little bit of each of us, so you can get to know who's behind the keyboard:

Witty Entrepreneur, Web Developer, and Business Consultant.

WebGóbé is like a fine wine... Good from the start and getting better over time.

Our eCommerce wizard. He loves to solve software issues and optimize websites.


Brighten the image and brand awareness of small businesses creating fabulous, compelling, unique design; and marketing support resources, in a way that gains them local awareness and Internet presence.


Eliminate the disregard that destroys small businesses by creating designs that inspire and thrive entrepreneurs; while igniting their minds to seek opportunity, growth and achieving their marketing goals.


Passion & Enthusiasm
Inspiration & Creativity
Honesty & Integrity
Encouragement & Ambition
Mindful Communication
Knowledge & Wisdom
Patience & Endurance