Promotional Products

Promotional items are a great way to make customers feel special, help promote your business, and create brand awareness

When you’re trying to promote your business, it’s important to give people something that will help them remember your brand. Give people something they can use every day to promote your business.

Giving away promotional products will promote your business or generate interest in products. Common promotional products include pens, keychains, mugs, bags, and T-shirts, but there are plenty of other options to consider too. By handing out promotional items, you’ll be able to reach a large audience and get new people to check out your brand.

IDEAS has been a Promotional Products Distributor for over 20 years and will work with you in your promotional campaign. We work with the best suppliers located in the United States & Canada. Like: Koozie Group (former Bic Graphic), Imagen (former Vitronic), Royal Industries, among others. Not only Fortune 500 companies can have promotional products campaigns, but you can too, and we can help.

People Love Gifts...

Giving people free stuff is a fun and effective way of promoting your business and getting your name out there. Strong customer rapport is important in business and giving away freebies is a great way to create this affinity. Some facts about promotional items:

  • 90% of people who receive a promotional product can recall the name of the brand;*
  • 89% of consumers can recall the brand on a promotional product they received in the last 2 years;*
  • 80% of people can recall the messaging of a brand after receiving a promotional product;*
  • 80% of people have an immediate reaction when they receive a promo from companies they’ve never heard of;**
  • 70% of brands consider promotional products mostly or always effective in achieving marketing goals.**

  * Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC.
** Source: PPAI.

Our Approach

There are so many companies out there offering promotional items that it's hard to know who to trust. Will the company get your logo right?, will they ship on time for the event?, is the price right? Sometimes it's even hard to tell if the company is real or not. So why should you trust us? IDEAS has been a promotional products distributor for over 20 years. We know our job is to make you and your brand shine and we've got the experience and a guarantee to back it up so you can rest assured.

You have things to do. We will make sure you —and your brand... look great! You will always get a FREE 'e-proof' to approve before we proceed with your order!

Free Consultation
Free Consultation
With so many choices of promotional products, it's easy to get lost and fall out of a budget. I can make suggestions of the best options for you witing your budget and time to have it in hand.
Marketing Experience
Marketing Experience
Promo Products give a company’s marketing message a presence in people’s daily lives; reminding customers of their brand every time they use them. Lets talk about your campaign!