Elba M. Martinez-Perez (AKA IDEASGirl) IDEAS PHOTOPrints was created on October of 1998 by a partner and I in Carolina, Puerto Rico. We both had the vision of creating a new image for small and medium businesses; those that can't pay big money to advertising companies to create a professional image for them like they do with big budget companies.

Our "Photographic Business Cards" were exclusive. We created a unique and refined image for small businesses with their business card. Developed with 100% photographic glossy paper, our business cards stood above the rest.

Throughout the next years the photographic industry changed a lot (digital cameras, digital printing, full color printing, etc.), and our customers vision  and needs changed as well; causing a chain reaction of resources and services offered by us. In 2003 we started to target more online businesses but along the same mission that we had when we launched 5 years prior, create a professional image for small and medium businesses.

In 2007 we changed our name to IDEAS Creative Group, new name, new logo, new image, but same great customer service that has differentiated us among the competitors.

Today, more than 15 years had passed, and IDEAS has become a source of services for entrepreneurs wanting to develop their businesses online, and during these years, IDEAS has grown developing websites using freelancing as an option. Now we are a creative group sharing our experience and talent among our customers. The group is composed by designers, php programmers, html/css coders, and marketing experts wanting to help you in the development of your business. It doesn't matter if is online or offline, your image IS our business!

We haven't stopped giving other services and products we offered when we first opened in 1998, the only thing we don't do any more is photo printing (hence the name change); we continue offering graphic design, photo manipulation, promotional products, and commercial printing.

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Brighten the image and brand awareness of small businesses creating fabulous, compelling, unique design; and marketing support resources, in a way that gains them local awareness and Internet presence.


Eliminate the disregard that destroys small businesses by creating designs that inspire and thrive entrepreneurs; while igniting their minds to seek opportunity, growth and achieving their marketing goals.


Passion & Enthusiasm
Inspiration & Creativity
Honesty & Integrity
Encouragement & Ambition
Mindful Communication
Knowledge & Wisdom
Patience & Endurance