Logo Design & Branding

While a great logo will last a long time, the words, images, and phrases; that you use to describe your business (or product); change as your business evolves. Branding is about staying on top of those changes, creating a consistent and coherent impression of your company to your customers as you change.

A brand is the foundation of a business and is often what separates a successful business from a failing one. We can help you with the process of creating awareness, recognition, and emotional connections with your target audience.

Having a solid, well-thought-out brand is the best way to ensure success. Before you start thinking about having a logo and choosing your favorite colors, you need to know what you want to communicate and why.

Everything you can imagine is real

Are you a small business entrepreneur who wants to establish your brand in the digital world? We can help you. IDEAS helps businesses develop a digital presence and make their brand visible online. We also write copy for business websites and blogs to help businesses attract customers.

When you do your branding, you build, deliver, and communicate a consistent, relevant, and meaningful brand message to a targeted audience. We can assist you in any of the following branding elements:

  • Brand name;
  • Brand identity design (logo, colors, typography, guidelines);
  • Brand slogan;
  • Brand statement (mission, vision, values);
  • Customer/Buyer's persona creation/development;
  • Stationery design (business cards, letterhead, invoices, proposals, packing slips);
  • Marketing materials design (banners and signage, flyers, promotional items, brochures, catalogs, mail stuffers, other printed material);
  • Website (shop, app, landing page);
  • Digital content and content marketing (newsletters, product/service descriptions, social media assets, eBooks, PDFs) ;
  • We do not have much experience in product packaging, but we do on shopping packaging (bags, boxes, labels, ribbons) and are willing to take this type of project.

Our Approach

Our branding process begins with a consultation phase of your business. During this time, we work with you to define your personality and brand message. It's a lot of ground to cover, and the only way we will be able to complete such a task is to immerse ourselves in every part of your brand identities. That includes your basic principles, mission statements, message, voice, and other elements. Once we have a clear understanding of what you are all about, we begin creating your brand and the fundamental branding pieces you may need to make a statement about your company.


When it's time to develop your branding (or re-branding), make sure to hire the right branding company to help you get the job done. It's important to have a clear idea of who you are and who you are not. Don’t try this on your own. At this phase, you want a qualified branding agency involved.




How to be sure you have a extraordinary branding that shows your uniqueness while captivating your target audience? It all begins with your branding. With thousands of graphic designers competing for your attention, and DIY apps, how do you know you should pick IDEAS? You might have many questions, let me answer some:
  • What design software programs do you use?

    I used to work in Adobe most of our photography (pixel) work but for the past 3-4 years we have been working with other software like:

    - Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Publisher;

    - I use Corel Draw mostly for logo creation and/or working with vector graphics;

    - Since I have Corel Suite I use Corel Photopaint for some photo graphics and their Font Manager;

    - Sometimes I use Riot for image optimization;

    - I have some "go to" free sites and paid memberships of royalty free images for graphic assets.

    I also use other SaaS for graphic creation, background removal, and template resources.

  • What files or deliverables will I get?

    Each service on my store have the description of what I will do and what you will get. Please check each one you are interested. If you don't find the information, please let me know.

    Basically, if you are paying for a logo, you will get all the files you need to create, recreate, and scale your logo. You will get the .eps format file and few different sizes of jpeg and png.

    If you are paying for another type of graphic asset you will get the final graphic asset you paid for. I, like the mayority of graphic designers, do not share my .psd or .cdr files.

  • How Is your logo design process?

    I will send you a questionnaire that will give me the information I need to start the research process to design your logo. Every project is different but the process is always the same:

    - Fill the questionnaire as much as you can "alone";

    - I will discuss it with you if there were any incomplete of information or doubts about the questions;

    - Do the research and start gathering, writing, and drawing ideas;

    - I will do the first mock-ups and show you "live" one by one and discuss the feedback, while eliminating those not preferred;

    - Editing work, as per feedback gathered, will be done on the mock-ups selected;

    - Show new revisions, discuss, eliminate and select. We might show additional variations of the mockup selected if necessary;

    - All my mock-ups are shown on black and white, so when final logo is done, we go to the process of color palette selection for it.

  • Where can I see work you have done?

    You can see some of our work in the Portfolio section.

    Can I reach out to your references and/or clients?

    My clientele is usually very busy, but if you feel you need to ask any of my customers that have left a review or are in my Portfolio, you can. Please try to ask through email so you don't disturb their work flow.

  • Do you outsource design services or do it yourself?

    We are a group of freelancers sharing work. Please check "The Group" for more information.

    Most of the graphic design services are done by me (IDEASGirl).

  • What legal rights will I have upon completion?

    If we create any piece of artwork (photo manipulation, photo restoration, Etc.) with a picture or graphic you supplied to us, you are the owner of that graphic and you have all the rights. You have the right to use it however you want but IDEAS will retain the copyright to the design done (more on that below).

    If we use royalty images to create a graphic asset for you, then those royalty free images are not yours, nor mine. You have ownership ONLY of the new graphic that I created for you and you can do with it whatever you want. It's always good to ask for the licensing of the imagery used for your projects, please do. Some of them have printing quantity restrictions.

    If we are talking about a logo, it's your property. You will have a license to use it indefinitely, and to assign that license to others. You may file a trademark based on it, so that you can defend it against infringement. I will never ask to pay more money for the rights to use it. On the other hand, I will own the copyright forever. That way, if someone claims to have designed it, I can defend my work and my reputation.