WebGóbé is like a fine wine... Good from the start and getting better over time.

DenesAlways in love with the BIG game, as kid dreamed to became a great hockey goalie... but that proven to be unrealizable, so he switched to Nuclear Physics instead. Started to play with computers (yeah, those building-size IBM 360's - do you remember those?) sometime in the fall of 1981. Shortly after graduated as MSC in Nuclear Engineering in 1985, left physics (and engineering in general) to become, at first, a full time computer aficionado, but then after few years, he became one of the early computer professionals in his country and obtained another degree in computing in 1988.

As years passed he accumulated a great deal of expertise in various computer-related areas, from Unix sysadmin to programming group leader (C, Fortran, Basic, Cobol, etc.). No, not C++ or C#, those were invented decades after that, DTP, computer graphic design, CAD/CAM, GIS (do you want some other acronyms? ), search-engine pioneer (search for his nick, you will be surprised), open source contributor and software localizer.

More, than a decade taught the next generation of computer professionals on two universities to ride the Internet on their favor, couple of them still used course-books are witnesses of those times. Finally couple of years ago decided, that being full time freelancer is the funniest challenge - and an interesting, challenging way of life, full of satisfactions —and some disappointments too. A really BIG game!

And that was the path leading to what he like to be defined as:

Internet craftsman carrying on the heritage of European manufacturing traditions through original web designs. If you want a great looking, handmade, custom-tailored Joomla site, look no further. WebGóbé can provide a one-stop shopping experience that offers design, programming, maintenance, protection, and SEO, all from one reliable source.

PS. Did I told you that's a music lover too? Check his profile at Last.fm!

Additional Info

  • Nickname: webGobe, AKA Yoda Professor
  • Expertise:: Joomla, VirtueMart, HTML, CSS, SEO
  • Time with IDEAS: More than 10 years
  • Favorite Quote:: If I had only known, I would have been a locksmith. - Albert Einstein
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