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I'm Impressed

I'm Impressed

In the world of business you expect to get what you pay for, that's fair exchange, and the principle which makes the world go around. Every once in a great long while you find a person group or company who goes above and beyond the norm and produces a vastly superior product than was expected and does it with enthusiasm and strong interest, delivering the goods ahead of schedule - Meet Elba Martinez and Ideas Creative Group. The work she has done for me has been fantastic I'm so impressed, I love giving great service to my customers and I really get flipped out when some one does that to me.

I was referred to Ms. Martinez by a friend, after working on my own for months part time getting my "Zen Cart" Shopping cart put together, I got it to a working thing but it was only skin and bones, lame and lifeless, amateurish and nondescript. Ideas Creative Group took the project over, corresponding with me over the phone and through email, and was able to take my vision and put it into reality with blistering speed. I needed a site that positioned with two different and distinct clientele not and easy task. Elba pulled it off! She is exceptionally skilled in design and marketing and knew which colors shapes and images to use to make the site really zing. I'm very impressed and I highly recommend the service. Check out my site and see what you think, call me if you want to hear it from me personally.
Comment by: Greg Saunders — California — Annex Paint


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