Joomla Unhack/Sanitize with Warranty

Starting at: $210.00

  • Supplier: IDEAS

Has your website been hacked? Do you see something different than last time you visit your site? Maybe a red "Reported Attack Page" banner? Anything suspecious that is making you believe that something is wrong? Do you need post-hacking recovery? Or you just want to prevent this from happening and need a thoughtful Joomla security examination? Did someone signaled that your site is (probably) hacked and you need a fast and effective cleanup?

All of us are vulnerable to hackers. Hackers can and will destroy your hard work and image in many ways; and the time and money invested on it will go... down the drain. You want security, you want guarantees, you want to be up to date in security and code, you want service fast and reliable if your site gets hacked to minimize the downtime and not lose your content.

If you pay a programmer to examine, de-hack, and update website's security, it can add up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars if you get hacked regularly within a year (which had happened). *

The Dehacking/Sanitizing Service includes:**

  • examine your site
  • quarantine and remove all infected files
  • cleaning your Joomla installation from hacker's code
  • notify Google that it is now safe and remove the warning
  • doing it all over again if your site is hacked during the guarantee period chosen

When you do your Joomla site installation with us, you will benefit from our company policy, which includes strengthening Joomla and extensions basic installation from the get go. Your Joomla will have our tested and truly free Joomla security components installed, and we will apply our best security related settings to make your site more hacker proof in the future. We will also make recommendations on how to prevent future hacks from ruining your business and reputation.

*Notice that this service is for when you have the suspiction of hack or you are definately hacked.

**The plan is unlimited on the times you could be hacked for the period of time chosen.

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