Elba María

Witty Entrepreneur, Web Developer, and Business Consultant.

ideasgirlpicAfter working as Administrative Assistant for over 10 years in different fields, and obtaining her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (Finance), she decided to take a break. During that break she got an opportunity to work as independent sales representative selling photographic business cards. After noticing that the business owner was not doing things right, she decided to partner with another experienced salesman, and they both established IDEAS Photoprints.

Elba María created her first business when she was in 6th Grade. Designing, making, and selling "jewelry" created with electrical cables (believe me... it was a trend!). Her mind is always thinking about new business ideas and how to make them work.  IDEASGirl will help you setting up your website or app for whatever type of venture you want to start on the Internet.

Workaholic, chocoholic, and window shopaholic... Elba Maria is a self-taught "graphic designer". She never got a degree in design but all her life she has been passionate about creating "stuff" and designing. Also, considering that she started a business that didn't know anything about and making over $200k in sales the first year of operations; should say something about her and her passion about graphic design and helping small businesses.

She moved to Canada in 2003 and later on the business took another direction towards Web Development, that’s why the name changed on 2007 to IDEAS Creative Group. Lived there for 7 years and then moved back to Puerto Rico.

Additional Info

  • Nickname: IDEASGirl / IDEASLady
  • Expertise:: Design & Business Consulting for Small Businesses and Startups.
  • Time with IDEAS: Founder
  • Favorite Quote:: Don't try to teach a pig to sing, it doesn't work, and annoys the pig. -Judge Judy-
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