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We know that it is often confusing and technically challenging for entrepreneurs to get an online shop up and running; and if you own already an eCommerce website you know how important is to provide a pleasant shopping experience to your visitors.

Managing an eCommerce website is not an easy task but Zen Cart makes this possible for you as an online store owner. Zen Cart is a shopping cart application with features like:


    • Unlimited products inventory;
    • Option to use it only as a catalog;
    • Unlimited customers;
    • Multiple languages & currency support;
    • Paypal integrated and other payments methods available;
    • Multiple shipping  methods integration;
    • Custom pages management;
    • Specials, Featured & New Items management;
    • Newsletter management.

...all this with a user friendly admin panel so you can maintain your online store with ease.

For a full list of Zen Cart features go to: Zen Cart Features

IDEAS Creative Group is a web development company that specializes in Zen Cart development services. Zen Cart has much more to offer than what you expect. Our team of programmers with years of experience, will formulate solutions that not only satisfy your requirements, but also will make easier to manage your webstore.

Nowadays we live in an information world, where knowledge is the key to success. Our group of programmers keeps updating their knowledge on the latest codes and functionalities to provide better solutions to you. Learning constantly helps us to stay ahead of competitors and deliver solutions of unmatched quality.

DrByte says (Zen Cart Development Team):

"Common sense says:
BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT THE TERMS OF SALE when buying templates. Do they include support for any problems you have? Do they assure compatibility with your version of the software? and other... AND ALWAYS CHECK THE REPUTATION of the person/company you're buying from by doing your own research. Many companies build templates for sale that are genuinely junk and just result in headaches. Many will hack out important core functionality just for the sake of making a certain thing look different ... but then you'll never be able to use the features they hacked out. And then you'll come here asking for support ... and we can't help you other than tell you to ask them for help or hack the original functionality back into the template on your own."

We use the Zen Cart override system when coding template designs. We don't hack the code, deleting functionalities to just make it "look good". Still hesitant? You are welcome to read some of our happy customer's testimonials.

Improve the way you do business online!

lightbulbIf you are seriously thinking in starting your own webstore and don't know where to start; if you need a secured environment to accept payments through credit cards for your website; or if you already know exactly what you want and need a detailed proposal, contact me and I will gladly answer your questions.

When starting a business plan in today's economy (and I mean today as it's ever changing) you'll need something unique that sets your business apart. For example: if you are selling a product or service online; probably Amazon can do it better, and that's scary. How will you compete with that? What makes you better than Amazon or other online retail giants? You have to figure out a way to engage your customers offering or doing something Amazon just can't do because is too big to accommodate.

Right Solution at Your Budget

IDEAS Creative will deliver solutions of any complexity in eCommerce:

  • Custom template design
  • Zen Cart modules (plug-ins) installation
  • PSD to Zen Cart integration
  • Transferring your ecommerce data from another cart to Zen Cart
  • Custom module development services
  • Zen Cart integration and add-on configuration
We serve customers worldwide and we take in consideration the variation of requirements and needs.

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Zen Cart Development Packages
Save time and money with our high-quality and user friendly design. Join our happy customers and build your store YOUR WAY with our Zen Cart "Built Your Way" Packages...
All the Zen Cart "Built Your Way" Packages include the latest Zen Cart version installation. Zen Cart is a free world-wide known open source system for managing eCommerce (online stores). We create and develop professionally designed Zen Cart stores that are extremely user friendly, cross browsers compatible, and ready to start generating content upon delivery. There is no changes to core functionality nor to the default database, so any future upgrade is easy and painless.

cartEvery one is different. We have created these packages based on everyday requests. That does not mean we can't develop your idea, it just means we have to quote it. If you believe that any of these packages won't suit your dreamed shopping cart, please contact us for a customized Zen Cart quote that will bring your idea to reality. Keep in mind that the more customized you want your cart, the more budget you will need.

Zen Cart "Built Your Way" Packages

ZC latest version installation
3 "Must Have" Modules
IH5 / Backup MySql
CK Editor
Installation of Free Template
with your logo inserted

- Responsive Template;
- Newsletter/Notifications Header;
- Set up of all needed/preferred Zen Cart standard sideboxes;
- Set up of 1 shipping module;
- Set up of 1 payment module;
- Set up of 1 tax zone;
- Add your logo to your admin area so it prints on packing slips/invoices.
- 1 Hour Tutorial.

30 Days Guarantee
Get Your Store TODAY!
ZC latest version installation
3 "Must Have" Modules
IH5 / Backup MySql
CK Editor
General Customization
based on your logo and style

- Responsive Template.
- Newsletter/Notifications Header.

All what is included in the Startup, plus:
- 3 additional modules of choice;
- Installation of 1 language (if applies);
- Re-arrangement of product page;
- Set up of categories and items;
- Set up of up to 3 EZPages (custom pages/links) within Zen Cart;
- Other template features included.
- 1 Hour Tutorial.

30 Days Guarantee
Get Your Store TODAY!
Small Business
ZC latest version installation
3 "Must Have" Modules
IH5 w/Zen Magnific / Backup MySql
CK Editor w/KC Finder
Exhaustive Customization
from your logo and preferences

- Responsive Template;
- Newsletter/Notifications Header and complete styling of admin emails, notifications, and Newsletters;

All what is included in the Entrepreneur, plus:
- A total of 8 modules of choice;
- Attention to detail on index, product listing and product info pages, like for example template driven modules;
- 1 Hour Tutorial.

45 Days Guarantee
Get Your Store TODAY!
~Request Quote~
ZC latest version installation
3 "Must Have" Modules
IH5 w/Zen Magnific / Backup MySql
CK Editor w/KC Finder
Full Customization
Custom Main and Product Info Pages

- You decide which and how many modules to have, including custom and commercial ones;

- Completely designed and coded to your preferences and needs;

Every one is different. We have created these packages based on everyday requests. That does not mean we cannot develop your idea, it just means we have to quote it.

Get Your Store TODAY!

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