December 2018

Looking Forward to a Rewarding 2019

Making your business a success might look easy to the untrained eye but I see you hustling, I see you sweating, I see you sleepless. I know the work you put in after hours or before dawn; and I couldn't be prouder or more inspired by you. The greatest reward has been watching your business grow. From all of us at IDEAS Creative Group, happy holidays.

Things we accomplished in 2018
  • Refreshed our logo;
  • Renewed store with latest Zen Cart and responsive design matching our new vibrant brand colors;
  • New graphics and slideshows for our website and store;
  • Separated our products and services into 2 stores;
  • Created new services and updated information and prices of some others;
  • Upgraded the server with more memory and updated some of the software;
  • Updated CMS and reviewed information among our blog/main site;
  • Updated the portfolio with new projects we have worked on the last 2 years (still in process).

How these changes benefit you?

  • Now you can browse, shop and checkout from your mobile phone without hassle in our store; looking at a more refreshed design and colors;
  • More appealing graphics means more you can relate our services offerings with our designing skills;
  • Less confusion while browsing our services or products, since the stores are now targeted to our 2 different customers, you will find things easier and faster;
  • More broad selection of platforms and budgets to suit many needs, modules, extensions, plugins and more features included in our packs. More up to date information, including how to select your platform and why to go with one instead of the other. This will help you, and others, to make a more informed selection when starting or developing your online venture;
  • Now customers have a faster server, updated software, Let's Script, CloudFlare CDN, among other benefits of our servers like security, daily backups and full support;
  • Having great information on your reach on how you can be more productive, how to take more advantage of features you have with your Zen Cart, Joomla or WordPress is always beneficial to you. Either because is a tutorial, information about changes within design, hosting, search engines, or because is just something to learn for fun or to share;
  • Looking at our projects you can see our skills and experience, you can learn about other customers we attend and just check by yourself of what others are doing. Also learn how we can deal with challenges some customers face and how we solve them. We are going to talk more about the challenges of the projects we post on our portfolio in 2019. Of course, not every project we work on makes it to the portfolio, I will publish only those that are worth sharing.
Looking Forward 2019

What's coming for 2019?

  1. Update my store to the newest Zen Cart (v1.5.6);
  2. I already started working on having a more automatic and simpler invoicing system. I am not 100% convinced to switch just yet and will take me a while probably to find that ONE that meets all my requirements, needs, and budget. I just want you to know that I'm working on it;
  3. I'll move all my Regular Hosting customers to the Premium Server. Since my main server upgrade is costing me the double and I have everything I need in software, security and space, it makes sense to cut the secondary server expenses. This won't affect your DNS for now, since I'm going to bring those accounts as a reseller to the server, I might change the host name but I will notify the affected accounts with enough time to make any necessary changes;
  4. I will offer more content entry services (yes, like data entry but actually creating the content) and social media posts services, also newsletter integration and development (only on MailChimp);
  5. Having more articles on our blog has been always my vision and I've failed numerous times on that goal. I can say that even I didn't add many articles this year, I'm cleaning, clearing and preparing the ground to do a better job this coming year. I've been working on the backend to start posting more great articles in a more regular basis;
  6. I will be focusing more on the consulting side of my business than development, since the industry has been changing so much on the last 4-5 years, this is my way to go. Also I might develop some courses (end of 2019) to help business to be more productive, cut costs and develop their online businesses easier and smarter;
  7. More newsletters (and blog posts) and more deals for my subscribers;
Of all these changes, which is the one you think you are more exited about? Did you already make your priority list of plans for 2019? Please, tell me about it. Thank you for an amazing 2018! I'll see you in the New Year.

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