Digital photo manipulation is a powerful tool to enhance photography or computer-generated images. Usually done with high-end graphic programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photopaint or Paint Shop Pro, digital photo manipulation is utilized when the raw image needs change or improvement. IDEAS has been in the digital photography and digital imaging field since 1998 and  we are experienced in performing high-end photo-manipulation.
  • Manipulations


As always we  offer photo manipulation  services. Delete or add things to a picture (garbage, papers, persons, pets, backgrounds, effects, etc.), correct red eyes, color saturation, color correction, collages, make it brighter or darker, write in the picture (names, poems, cool stuff, etc.), crop images, create borders and frames, distortion, blur... there are a lot of nice, cool, and professional effects... there is one perfect for your picture. Are you working on a scrapbook? this is where to start, with your pictures.

  • Restorations

We are strong believer that an image is forever, that's the reason we continue offering photo restoration services. Old photos are precious family keepsakes,  Yes, you love that photo you have in the drawer (don't you), maybe you have more than one, but keep it there because while the times go by, the condition of it gets worse and the image it's fading away, if it's not gone.

Well, we can restore it for you, and even printed it if you want to.  I know what you're thinking... now is your opportunity to get that special old photo you have in that drawer get restored, printed and framed; so you can show it to everyone. Our prices are competitive and affordable... NOW IS THE TIME!

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