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Custom Design Zen Cart Template Integration

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  • Model: ZCCTD100
  • Supplier: IDEAS

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It's the first impression that matters most - don't scare your visitors away, you need your store to be user friendly, fast, practical, and unique.

A template (or theme, or skin; however you prefer to call it) is basically your site's design and layout. Your customers will decide if they want to shop with you based on your site's appearance and effortless shopping.

If you want to stand out, you want a consistent branding, and want your customers to remember it; you'll need a unique custom design. A unique custom built Zen Cart template will give your store personality as it helps you get closer to your clientele and make your site memorable. IDEAS can design and build that Zen Cart template from scratch (we can also convert any existing template/design into a Zen Cart template). And....yes!, we will do it "the Zen Cart way" so you don't have any problems upgrading your site any time in the future.

This is an investment to expand your branding, personalize your webstore to connect with your prospects and customers that is worth doing; it pays off itself, since your prospects are less likely to leave your store if they like how it looks and if it's easy to browse, find, and buy. If your online store is your passion, you can't afford it to look bad.

Please understand that this is not just a "template" for Zen Cart - this is a UNIQUE template design made exclusively for your online store/catalog based in your brand.  If you just need a template and want to consume the time installing the shopping cart, making changes to the code, and configuring up the store yourself, please do a search for Zen Cart templates on your preferred search engine.

What's Included:

  • Custom design and integration for your whole store. That means your logo, your colors, your buttons, your menus. A dropdown menu is included if your prefer. Also the design for the header, footer, columns and sideboxes. Simple index page (home page) like any text given with or without graphics within it.
  • The extra pages to select below are just for special attention and custom layouts instead of the regular way that Zen Cart has it designed & coded.
  • This will also apply if you select responsive, but if you select mobile friendly; means you will have a separate simple template to be presented to your mobile visitors. That template is a minimalistic design that will be very simple customized to match your main site. That means: colors, logo on header, and some wording. More info on the "Responsive Template" tab.
  • Installation of the template on your store, and configuration so it displays properly and as intended.

What's Not Included:

  • Custom programming to make the cart work different that originally was programmed.
  • Design and create a page that is not within the cart pages platform.
  • Design and create a page that you didn't include in your order.
  • Graphic design for slideshows, categories, products.
  • Design or create a feature not included in original Zen Cart, nor any Plug-in, Add-on or module installation if is not included below.
  • The PSD files.

Explanation About Extra Pages:

Take in consideration that the extra cost of these is NOT ONLY to install modules. It's the planning, design and integration (including modules mentioned) to make those pages different and unique of the regular style.

  • Home with Slideshow: The ZX Slideshow will be installed and will be configured to match your design.
  • Home with Special Features: If you want a very different index page with for example Tabbed Home Page Modules or Editable Home Page Centerboxes it's included.
  • Contact Us / About Us: Both included if you want them both. Contact Us may include to insert your "Google Map" location, a captcha module and up to 3 different email departments to send the form.
  • Product Listing: Also called the category page. Includes custom design and installation of up to 2 modules to alter the page layout if necessary (or requested).
  • Product Info Page: Important page of your cart because is your SALES LETTER. We will display that page as you want it to be presented. Giving importance and priority to want you want, in the order you want. Includes up to 2 modules to alter the layout if necessary (or requested).
  • Shopping Cart: Insertion of the message of the cart and how the table of the cart is going to be presented, including custom icons and buttons.
  • Checkout Pages: Included the installation of Fast and Easy Checkout if customer wants these pages better designed.
  • Other: Any custom EZ page or pages that you want us to design and/or layout in a nice way for you. Maybe too complicated to just do it yourself. It can include simple coding. Does not include forms.

Improve Your Store Design and Boost Sales!

Adapt to new shoppers... Be responsive! and make your site to be it too. You try your best to adapt to your clientele demands and needs; it's normal in any business. Responsive sites do the same, the sites will adapt to the device each visitor is using. The responsive code will dynamically resize to the content presented on any given page.

This "behavior" ensures that the website will not only display gracefully across all devices, but also will be easy to navigate and use. If you don't adapt to your customers, they will move on to your competitors and leave you behind and you don't want to miss out tons of potential new customers and loose the ones you do have. Responsive web design has been the hot new trend in ecommerce for a while because of the rise in the number of people who are browsing and shopping online from their mobile devices. Google recently updated its search algorithms so that sites equipped to handle mobile traffic, rank better in search. The time is now to also look at your website copy and make sure it is mobile friendly as well; so get a “responsive” website if you don’t have one.

The easiest and fastest way to convert your site to a responsive design is to get a free (or cheap) responsive template* (many available) and we can customize it and match it to your logo and current site colors. We can do this conversion for you quickly and seamlessly with very little or no down time. If you prefer, we can also quote you to make further module installations and modifications to your needs. Tomorrow might be too late!

Mobile Template: This works great if you want or have a very customized site (design and coded) but want the availability to your mobile customers to shop on mobile devices. Responsive design has to be very simple so it can adapt to different display sizes; some customers don't want that but to make their shop available on mobile devices.

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