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Sophy Blue 2.0

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  • Model: MZCT01
  • Supplier: IDEAS

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It's been one of the favorites for almost 5 years, it was my first template contribution, and now I've updated it for you and new comers.

Combination of a sophysticated blue with a pale ivory (#FFFAF0 & #67829D). Just need to change your logo image, select and/or replace preferred background, and you are ready to go.

Template Features:

  • fix the bugs discussed on the support thread and also some aesthetics of the design to make it a better flow
  • 10 different backgrounds for you to choose whichever you want (change from CSS), or you can add your own to add your personal touch or just use a color background
  • the main wrapper has a dropdown shadow to give it a more 3dimensional look
  • all the boxes are background transparent so you can change the content colors without having the boxes borders interfere
  • header is also background transparent for easier customization
  • soften a little bit the design but without changing the original theme
  • now the design spread to 975px wide and the boxes go up to 185px wide, so you can have either 2 or 3 columns store with more content space to display your items.
  • all new buttons included
  • added the "Column Divider Pro" module for better looking centerboxes
  • added "Share This" widget to the product info page and rearranged that page for better display of details

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* One time charges may apply