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Regular Hosting Service Payment

* One time charges may apply

Starting at: $15.00

  • Model: RH-PAYMENT
  • Supplier: IDEAS4Net

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Just enter the Invoice number in space provided, choose the package(s) you are paying for, and proceed to checkout.

NOTE: That the system won't know if you are past due on your payment, so please mark accordingly the other fees, you will only delay the process of payment if you don't do it properly, and you will not avoid the late fee at the end.

Usually you will get 1 invoice with all your hosting services detailed, but if in case you have more than 1 invoice to pay, just enter 1 by 1 with their respective numbers and packages. That way you will have them detailed on your checkout page and your store receipt.

Options and features available for this product:

RMH-Mini Plan

REH-Economy Plan

RDH-Deluxe Plan

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* One time charges may apply

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