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Zen Cart Small Business Pack

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  • Model: ZCSBP100
  • Supplier: IDEAS

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Of course that our Zen Cart Store Packages are great! and we have 3 packages available so you can choose the one that fit your needs. Starter, Entrepreneur, and Small Business.

Build Your Zen Cart Your Way!

Installation of the most recent version of Zen Cart (included by default in all "Your Way!" packs), secure it, configuration of your admin (including 1 payment option, 1 shipping option, & taxes*) and custom admin url.

There are many steps involved in getting an online store started. Things like products and/or services offered, shipping, taxes, attributes, gift certificates, payment merchants... and many others. But don’t let that overwhelm you, that’s what we’re here for!

Small Business Package Includes:

  • Zen Cart latest version available installation;1

  • Custom & unique design of non-responsive template integrating your logo, code integration using ZC template override system, and installation. No custom programming to make it work differently. This approach fits better to stores that have a complicated structure and/or design layout and prefer not to have responsive design but just mobile friendly store for easy browsing and purchasing;

  • Re-arrangement of product info page (product page) to your preferrence or to the suggested arrangement by us, making it a better sales page to work for you and easier for shoppers to buy;
  • Configuration and setup of the sideboxes that come standard with ZenCart (or modules selected and installed) in accordance to your design and your preferrences;
  • Set up of up to 3 categories;
  • Set up of up to 2 items per category to give you an example of how to set the rest of the items;
  • Set up of up to 3 EZPages (custom pages or links) within Zen Cart;
  • Set up of 1 shipping module;2
  • Set up of 1 payment module;
  • Set up of 1 tax zone;
  • Add your logo to your admin area that will print on packing slips/invoices that are printed out;
  • IMAGE HANDLER 4 Installation: Automatically resizes your uploaded product images for fast loading pages, while allowing your visitors enlarge them to a full quality image without extra work on your part;
  • CKEditor with KC Finder integrated Installation: Contemporary text editor that possesses a sleek look while providing a wide array of functionality including validated code, while still being cross-browser compatible. Make your description shine and in the style you want plus having the advantage to upload images and files through the editor and browse your server to manage your images;

  • Backup MySQL Installation: Servers fail, people make silly errors everyday. Don't risk loosing important information and configuration of your database. In less than a minute of your time using this module will not only save you lots of headeaches but also give you peace of mind everytime you work on your site configurations, inventory, customers, orders, and everything related to data;

  • Installation of 8 other modules of your choice from the options provided below;3

  • Design and insertion of your Newsletter and eMail notifications header to match your store design;

  • More attention to detail on index, product listing, and product info pages, like for example modules that are template driven;
  • Opportunity to host your site on one of our PCI Compliant, fast, secure, never overloaded servers (we do not allow just anyone to be on our servers - just those we have a working relationship with).

Once your ecommerce site is delivered to you, it will be your responsibility to keep the inventory, sales, customers, orders, shipment, and any other management operation that is required to run your store. You will receive a 1 hour tutorial session to walk you through this if you need it.

Our happy customers not only love the fact that we design their webstores to their specification, but also that we provide support once the site is delivered. With our tutorial session, you will learn how to run the basics of your Zen Cart store. We won't just walk away leaving you hanging; trying to figure out how things work.

If you know the system, you can choose to have a 30 minutes business consultation through phone.4


1 We won't work on GoDaddy's or Windows servers.

 2 Does not include me calculating shipping tables. Customer will need to give the whole system already figured out and ready to be entered into configuration. If you need more modules installed and/or configured, please ask for a quote.

3 Does not include custom made modules, gateways. If you need a custom module created for a unique function or process, please ask for a quote.

4 This will depend on availability and it is timed. We only schedule tutorials certain hours between Wednesdays to Fridays.

The following features will be present on all Small Business Packs installed:

  • Fixed & Unique Design;
  • 1 Mobile Only Template installation and basic match to your site;
  • Matching button set or CSS buttons;
  • W3C Valid XHTML and CSS;
  • Cross browser compatibility: Firefox, Google Chrome, IE8, IE7, Safari, and Opera;
  • Sharing Buttons in product page;
  • No override of core code (meaning easy upgrade compatibility);

Available for you at no extra cost, depending on your design layout requirements and store needs:

  • Customized EZ-Page Menu, Main Menu, & Footer Menu;
  • Matching Social Media Icons & Links on footer;
  • Custom header including shopping cart totals (item count and dollar amount), checkout link, search, currencies with drop down menu, and languages;
  • Matching fonts to support your brand and design;
  • Possible modules pre-installed: BetterCategoriesEZinfo, Mega Menu, Column Layout Grid & Designer Monthly Boxes, About Us Page, Footer Menu, Tabbed Home Page Modules, Responsive Tabs, among others...


When starting a project with us, please verify I have all the answers to questionnaires and information needed to start, and any other relevant data to start the design process. You will see the mockup and ask for adjustments until final approval. Then the coding process starts. After installation and about the middle of the development you will receive a link to see how your site is coming up. Any necessary change/edition will be made live on that site. After site is delivered, I'll make any small changes for up to 30 calendar days free of charge.

If you run into problems or need a question answered...  You will also receive up to 2 hours ($70 value) of support via email or phone during the first 30 days after I start working on your website design.

Please understand that this is not just a generic "template" for Zen Cart - this is a UNIQUE template made exclusively for your online store/catalog.  If you just need a template and want to consume the time installing the shopping cart, installing the template, making changes to the code, learning the template system, and configuring up the store yourself, please do a search for Zen Cart templates on your preferred search engine.

I can register your domain for you and I would be happy to host your store on my dedicated server. I offer my customers reasonable hosting fees, in case you prefer to have that service with us. My server is never overloaded, security and upgrade is a constant procedure, backups are regularly done, and downtime is minimum.

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If you want something different that what this package offers, please contact us for a quote!

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