June 2011

I've learned through the last years that sometimes good things have to fall apart so better things can fall together. Haha! yes, I'm inspired, many things going on lately, but gives me the energy to never surrender and keep on going.

lacocaThe section for "Tutorials" is officially opened on the site. Please visit regularly to learn how to take advantage of your Zen Cart at the maximum.The tutorial for this newsletter it's very useful if you need to collect or bill a customer not from an item you have in your store inventory but if someone owes you an invoice or there's any additional charge from any order and they paid through Paypal or other online payment that has to be the customer who process it.

If you have a Twitter account I invite you to follow me and also in LinkedIn. The Facebook Page is in development. If you don't have a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn account/s you are certainly missing out BIG TIME in Online Marketing. For more information, contact me. All the links to my Social Media accounts can be found on the top right of this newsletter with the proper icon, also link to my profile as well.

Summer is officially here and I hope you are already having fun in the sun. Here in Puerto Rico has been raining a lot since May and even has bee few sunny days, we continue having a lot of rain. Here you have one of my favorite spots in El Yunque (National Rainforest), I wish I have some time to go during this summer...

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