April 2011

Did you get already into "Social Media"? No? WHY NOT??? You are missing the opportunity of getting some good leads and growing your business.

I've been getting into it slowly but for sure I'm getting deeper into this SMM (Social Media Marketing) as the time goes by. And when I say "deeper" I mean last week I went from being in the shore to swimming with the sharks. Don't worry, I'm in a safety cage while I learn how to avoid bites and dive securely.


I haven't developed my social media as much as I want to, but I believe in the power it brings not only for marketing and traffic but also knowing what are prospects and already customers really looking for.

Marketing has been transformed into a largely digital field. It's quickly displacing old school promotional methods like newspaper ads, printed business directories (like the Yellow Pages), direct mail coupons—even radio and TV ads—for a growing number of businesses, regardless of whether their markets are local, regional, nationwide or global.


Online marketing is also effective whether or not a business currently sells products or services over the Internet. “Brick and mortar” businesses of all kinds are also using these strategies with impressive results.

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Oh, and yes... I'm working on my social media marketing. I will notify to you all as soon as I get everything set.

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If you are planning in doing some social media advertising or engage socially with your prospects and customers, get in contact with me and I will do a marketing plan proposal.

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