October 2010

We launch a new newsletter layout due to our recent changes to our new website. Our new updated website has some great features, now:
  • you will be able to see the newsletter archive in case you missed one or want to go back for some information, you will see that option on the menu as soon as you login;
  • you are able to create a membership to access to "only registered" sections;
  • you will be able to share comments, tips, and experiences with other members throughout the site;
  • you are be able to send me a message through our "Ping Box" on the site; YES, instead of creating an email, if you have a fast, simple question, you want to comment something or just say hello, you can do it through my site without the need of creating an account or log into Yahoo Messenger, you will see my status, and if I'm not offline, go ahead and send me a message;
  • you will know more about me and the people behind IDEAS, we will be posting the profiles of our hardworking freelancers, just to make it more real and personal;
  • our portfolio is up to date and I will do my best to keep it that way;
  • I will be responding to some blogs posts and I will be giving your some nice news that will give you some knowledge, tips, hints that you can use to develop your site;
  • you can learn much more about our products and services, since we are not only web developers but we can create the image the small and medium business needs, we do and sell graphic design, commercial and social printing, promotional products and we are promotional and business consultants among other services.

Coming up soon:
  • social media integration
  • videos
  • tutorials
  • ticket system
I don't want to say more because I might spoiled it, so look around, read, learn, share, and stay tuned.

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